Luftwaffe original camouflage diagrams archive

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Luftwaffe original camouflage diagrams archive

Sichtschutzanstrich: that is how Luftwaffe camouflage diagrams were called at the time. This archive has been created to analize the real historical documents concerning these paintings. No reproductions, no fake documents: only the original mimetic diagrams of WWII German Airforce.

A regularly updated archive: last updated on 12th September 2023

This archive is meant to be a point of reference for Luftwaffe enthusiasts, researchers and modelers. It is a unique collection, which target consists in creating a complete set of diagrams, documents and directives that could help to better understand the application methods and the colours of Luftwaffe camouflage systems.

Collected data are regularly updated. If you are interested, it is suggested to have a look at this page from time to time: you colud find something new!

Wanted documents

Here is the list of known documents that have not been found by the author yet. I kindly ask the readers, in case they knew where to find these documents, or whether they even possessed them, if they could contact me (at the end of the this page). Thank you for your help and your kind support.

  • Camouflage scheme Henschel for Hs 123 RLM 62/63/64/65: “Sichtschutzschema B
  • Camouflage scheme for Heinkel He 177 (upper surfaces) RLM 70/71/02/65: code 177/0/177 A “Vierfarbensichtschutz (Draufsicht)

Original Luftwaffe camouflage schemes

Here is the list of the so far collected camouflage patterns. They are listed on the basis of the aircraft they were applied on. In order to have further information about each particular scheme I suggest you to have a look at this article.

Arado Ar 396

Ar 396

Dornier Do 217
Do 217 70 74 75 02

Do 217 N-1

Dornier Do 335
Do 335 manuale

Do 335

Focke-Wulf Ta 152
Ta 152 74 75 (1)

Ta 152 A fuselage

Ta 152 A wings

Ta 152 81 82

Ta 152 A

Heinkel He 111
Schema mimetico originale He 111

He 111 H

He 111 P 70 71

He 111 P

Schema mimetico vista superiore He 111 P H

He 111 P

Schema mimetico He 111 C-D 70 71

He 111 P

He 111 P

Heinkel He 177

He 177 A-5

Heinkel He 219

He 219

Junkers Ju 87
Ju 87 70 71

Ju 87

Junkers Ju 52
Mimetica dell'aereo Ju 52 70 71 della Luftwaffe

Ju 52/3 m

Messerschmitt Me Bf 109
Schema mimetico originale Me bf 109 piani di coda

Me Bf 109 tailplane

Bf 109 G camouflage

Me Bf 109 G

Schema mimetico 02 70 74 75 76 Bf 109 dorso

Me Bf 109 G

Messerschmitt Me 262
Mimetica della Luftwaffe per il Me 262 81 82

Me 262 A-1

Me 262 A-1

Messerschmitt Me 410
Me 410 74 75

Me 410

Give your contribution to the Luftwaffe original camouflage diagrams archive!

Collected datas are freely available to readers. If this archive has been of some help and you would like to contribute to its development providing new documents, the author is more than happy to insert them. Clearly, he would always mention you as the source of each document: you will find your name below the “Special thanks”. Thanks for your contribution!

Alessandro Orseniga

Found and collected documents thanks to you!
Schema mimetico di camuffamento originale Me Bf 109 trovato

Me Bf 109 G camouflage scheme RLM 70/74/75/02/76: “8-109 G.a “Flugzeug-Zusammenstellung Sichtschutzanstr.-Kennzeichnung”. Found thanks to: George (Fubar57 on

Special thanks

Sonia Natale, Fabio Mazzarino, George (Fubar57 on


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